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July 22, 2002

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"In dealing with cunning persons, we must ever consider their ends to interpret their speeches; and it is good to say little to them, and that which they least look for."
Sir Francis Bacon


5 Extremely SIMPLE Creative Photo Ideas by Photographer

After the initial excitement about buying your new camera you get bored, you run out of ideas, you start to think that the problem was not the camera but you. Do not worry, we all have moments of“creative depression” , are days in That we are not able to imagine a single photographic idea and carry it out with a minimally decent result. But you know what..? These are passing moments. Creativity is a given gift, that is true, but it can also be exercised through observation, inspiration and reading. The more time you invest in seeing and studying the work of other photographers, the easier it will be for you to find inspiration.

In the meantime it has occurred to me to share with you briefly 5 ideas with a high creative content. The methodology I’m going to follow in today’s article is a bit different because the photos I will not expose openly but behind some links which you have to go uncovering as you read each idea. I do not want the photo to be the first thing you see, but read the idea, try to imagine it first, then you can click on the example photos attached at the end of each idea

1- From the Ground

Have you ever wondered how an insect sees our world? Seeing things from far down must be very different. We are accustomed to seeing everything from our height of humans that the photos made from the ground usually impress us. Whenever you like a landscape try putting the camera on the ground and shoot, you may have some pleasant surprise. Here’s an example .

2- Depth of Field

Playing with the Depth of Field usually gives very good results. It can be applied in several ways: focusing the subject and blurring the background, or focusing on the subject only a very small part and letting the rest of his body or face is defocused. This technique works very well because it gives the feeling that things are much sharper in the picture than in real life. Here I am attaching a very illustrative example . If you stare at it you will realize that your eyes are automatically directed to the center of the photo, since it is the only focused area. This is a very small Depth of Field. (More on Depth of Field in the following article )

3- Lawn

Shooting from the grass is another very interesting creative resource. It consists of placing the camera on the grass or between some weed and shoot. It usually causes a very pleasant effect because the viewer perceives the sensation of being there, lying on the grass or hidden behind the plants. Here’s an example .

4- A Photo within a Photo

There are editing programs and photo retouching with pre-prepared effects: you upload 2 photos and the program automatically inserts a photo inside another in some funny way. But here I do not mean that. Here I propose that you take a photo, that you print it with Hashtag Printer¬†physically, and that you re-photograph it again in a context similar to where you originally took it. Here’s an example .

5- Confusing Horizontal and Vertical

Normally when we look at a photo we know if the scene is horizontal or vertical. A wheat field is horizontal. A building, however, is clearly vertical.
What I propose to you in this technique is to confuse the spectator. Photograph something horizontal in a way that looks vertical or vice versa. It is about composing and shooting the photo from a perspective (or editing the photo later) that confuses the viewer. Do not worry, you will not be fooling anyone, most of the time the viewer will notice and even will sketch a smile while trying to guess what the scene was originally. The same smile that you will sketch when you see this photo  and this one

As you can see they are 5 simple ideas that are easy to carry out, do not carry too much complexity or require advanced photographic equipment, most can be applied even with a compact camera and even with a mobile phone. I hope they help you find the inspiration you need.

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Creative Resistance


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Revised: July 22, 2002