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July 22, 2002

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"In dealing with cunning persons, we must ever consider their ends to interpret their speeches; and it is good to say little to them, and that which they least look for."
Sir Francis Bacon


Creative SEO Marketing – The charm of SEO client

What do you want a client who approaches for the first time at the Online Marketing world? Working in this field for years, I can say that for the majority of customers the SEO (or the organic optimization, that is, for the search engines) is the prince strategy to promote it online.

Especially if the client is running an, is launching a new project or is struggling with the reconstruction of the old site, the seo marketing brisbane is considered as one of the first essential move to make and was personally asked us to design a strategy in this regard .

But why SEO?

I questioned several times about why people more inexperienced let themselves be seduced by the charm of SEO.

Surely type the name of your company or your service on Google and see your site in the top position can seem like a good guarantee in terms of visibility .

It is also known that, unlike other web marketing activities, a good SEO strategy allows to achieve good results and keep in time with relatively little effort: once obtained high positions on Google, the customer think you have already made that investment one-off enough to think “that’s it!”.

In a few they are well disposed towards cyclical investments, perhaps monthly payments for AdWords or Facebook’s Ads. The same goes for campaigns limited in time, like a DEM.

SEO: Why it is not that simple

Although the advantages to acquire a good SEO strategy are many and undoubtedly appealing, there are also some things to consider: You do not say that SEO is the most effective strategy by far. Here’s why:


As often happens in the world of Web Marketing, you can not give a clear answer.

SEO is undoubtedly a very valuable strategy, but its effectiveness depends on the target to which it addresses the promotion, from budget of the client and, not least, the resources present in the company both in terms of availability than technical skills .

If we consider that SEO is not the best way, it is extremely important to try to steer the client towards solutions that might be less “attractive” but more adequate.

It is not easy, because customers often present with very subjective ideas on the Web Marketing: lists of key words to position themselves (perhaps with very low search volumes), negative opinions about the ads or DEM ( “I announcements them I ignore them and do not ever I click! “,” I advertising email always trash! “, and so on …).

The approach we adopt in QuoLAB is to always handle on numbers and data : we focus on this to try to introduce our customers to the Web Marketing world. We pause to explain how, unlike traditional advertising, there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of an online campaign (visits, clicks, time on site, pages viewed, and other metrics).

In conclusion: if you’re an agency that sells Web Marketing services (or if you are a customer who is getting closer to this world), weigh up if the SEO is the most appropriate way or if you should orient yourself on other strategies.

Finding Strength Awareness Take Action Resistance Watch Toolkit  


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Revised: July 22, 2002