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  Without a direct action expression of it, nonviolence, to my mind, is meaningless
- Mahatma Gandhi

British Columbia Take Action  - Steps to Liberating the Mind

Civil Disobedience
Liberating the Mind
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This section of the Creative Resistance web site is being revised to address some of the important questions which arise around the decision to become personally involved in social and political issues and nonviolent action.

Where do I start?
How do I prepare myself?
What actions am I willing and able to undertake?
Where do I go from here?

Background information is included which looks at the history, philosophy and methods of civil disobedience and nonviolent action.

As responsible citizens we need to see, hear, think and act clearly with thoughtfulness, clarity of purpose, and self-determination. We hope the information and resources presented here will help guide you in this important quest.

Peter and Cathy Woods
Creative Resistance
August 9, 2002

Finding Strength Awareness Take Action Resistance Watch Toolkit  


Creative Resistance


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