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July 12, 2002

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"Any complex system must be constructed slowly and sequentially, adding steps one (or a few) at a time, and constantly coordinating along the way. But the same complex systems, once established, can be destroyed in a tiny fraction of the necessary building time..."
Stephen J. Gould


CCPA Press Release
July 17, 2002
BC Human Rights Code changes by CCPA research associate Anita Braha. Anita will be on Co-op Radio's Red Eye show this Saturday July 20 between 9am and 10am. Co-op is at 102.7 FM
in Vancouver.

For members in Victoria, you can listen to Anita on CFAX radio tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9am. The host, Joe Easingwood, takes calls, so feel free to phone in at 250-386-1070.
CFAX is at AM 1070
in Victoria

$ Make News
No Question About BC
Government's Priorities

July 12, 2002

Whistler Bid
Outspends Rivals

Globe and Mail
Newspaper Headline

July 12, 2002
CR Newsletter Excerpt

We looked back at the Liberal's New Era Vision, and we thought you, too, may want to compare what you know now about our situation with what the Liberals set out in this document:

BC Government's New Era Vision

  • A top-notch education system for students of all ages.
  • High-quality public health-care services that meet all patients' needs where they live and when they need it.
  • A thriving private sector economy that creates high-paying job opportunities.
  • Safer streets and schools in every community.
  • Better services for children, families and First Nations.
  • The fastest growing technology industry in Canada.
  • A leading-edge forest industry that is globally recognized for its productivity and environmental stewardship.
  • Greater equity and equality for British Columbia in Canada.
  • The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.
  • Responsible, accountable management of your public resources and tax dollars.

Cathy and Peter Woods

CR Newsletter Full Version
A Call to Action


Finding Strength Awareness Take Action Resistance Watch Toolkit  


Creative Resistance


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Revised: July 12, 2002