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July 22, 2002

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"In dealing with cunning persons, we must ever consider their ends to interpret their speeches; and it is good to say little to them, and that which they least look for."
Sir Francis Bacon


The best canine training books

There are many books on canine education on the market, but not all have a quality content nor do they provide us with new and useful things for training our dogs.

There are many books on canine education on the market , but not all have a quality content nor do they provide us with new and useful things for training our dogs. At Tiendanimal we know the importance of educating dogs with reliable and positive methods developed by senior experts. For this reason, we offer you a list of the best canine training books published in Spanish. Practice the tips in these books to improve your relationship with your pet!

  • The clash of cultures , by Jean Donaldson. A new and revolutionary point of view that helps to understand the relationship between humans and dogs. Based on positive dog training ! It is a book that teaches how to train dogs without resorting to punishment or violence. The author focuses on the understanding of canine thinking to facilitate training and how this operant conditioning works in this training. With examples and practical guides you can put into practice theories to properly educate your dog.
  • Scientific psychology applied to basic obedience training for medium size dogs , by Miguel Díaz. Training based on respect! The author explains a method of training that is based on the knowledge of the dog , not forgetting the difficulties of this process and mention some tricks that help in this important task as is the education of the dog. It is a book that teaches how to perform basic obedience and also be clear why and why this method is carried out. A clear statement about effective training techniques : teach you to walk beside, do not pull on the leash, perform the sit, quiet and call exercise, etc.
  • At the other end of the belt , by Patricia B. McConnell. All about the behavior of dogs! The author explains in a pleasant way how the behavioral differences of the dogs and the people and the failure in the communication carry in many cases problems of conduct. The book shows how to learn to talk to your pet so that he can understand you, it is essential for the coexistence to improve.
  • Cognitive-emotional canine training , by Carlos Alfonso López García. A global approach to training! The author discovers how a dog thinks and feels emotions , which allows to work with greater freedom and security. It recovers the role of the dog as a faithful companion of the man, clearly explains what is cognitive-emotional training and how to apply it to any training, avoiding severe and rigid teachings.
  • Do not kill him … Teach him !: the art of teaching and training , Karen Pryor. Use positive reinforcement in training! The author focuses on explaining the importance of not using punishment in training and, on the other hand, always use positive reinforcement with the dog and behavior modification techniques. This type of training is like a game for dogs and offers excellent results.

What you can find in canine training books

In canine training books you will not only find the techniques of effective training and advice to carry it out, but some go further. By reading these books you will be able to acquire more knowledge about the thinking of the dogs , to understand why some actions are performed and not others in the training methods, you will know some of the clinical disorders of the dogs, their emotions and their intelligence. You will also discover tips for a peaceful and happy life with your dog , how to get the maximum welfare for pets … In short, you will know your dog more and will strengthen your relationship.

The best authors of dog training books

After reviewing the best books on dog training, we leave here some notes about the most valued authors in the canine world. So that you continue investigating in the best education for your pet!

  • Turid Rugaas : The Norwegian trainer focuses on teaching the language keys of dogs, in this way communication will be more effective. She is well-known for her great work in learning the signs of calm and how to motivate the dogs to walk without pulling on the leash.
  • Karen Pryor , the US biologist and author of books on positive reinforcement in dog training, is also in favor of the clicker method, a small box that when clicked sounds “click” and is very useful to teach different skills to the dog.

Have you been wanting more? These are other names of great authors on canine behavior and training: James O’Heare , Jean Donaldson, Jaime Vidal “Santi”, Barry Eaton, Kay Lawrence and Linda Tellington-Jones

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Revised: July 22, 2002