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July 22, 2002

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A Look Behind the Scenes

"In dealing with cunning persons, we must ever consider their ends to interpret their speeches; and it is good to say little to them, and that which they least look for."
Sir Francis Bacon


The School of Armory reflects its history in the book Mendeurrena-Centenario 1912-2012
The volume, which consists of 270 pages, compiles the one hundred years of the School with more than 500 photographs, will be presented on March 16 in the Assembly of Alumni.

Fernando Sagastigutxia and Iñaki Alberdi have made an exhaustive compilation of all the documentation and the photographic background; The text is the work of the journalist Rafa Zubia.

The book brings together the past and the present and begins a journey towards the future along its pages and, although more than 100 years have elapsed since the Eskuadra Zaharra gang asked Fermín Calbetón for his support for the Construction of the School and the Museum of Arms, in Eibar still survives with force the name and the presence of the school for gunsmithing as a mark of identity of the own city; A school closely linked to the vicissitudes of history, always aimed at the development of the industry and which has been the seedbed of many companies, but above all, entrepreneurs and skilled workers.

All this is reflected in the work as it is also observed that there have been countless characters who have visited the School seeing the photos they cover from the beginning of s. XX until 2012. There are Ortega y Gasset (visited the school in 1927), the businessman Patricio Echeverría (1947) the sculptor Eduardo Chillida (1978) or the physicist Etxenike and many other personalities from different fields of knowledge. Not to mention all the rulers, ministers or authorities who have come up to the top of Isasi in all these years. And, of course, not forgetting all the directors, teachers and students, who also are.

The index of the book tells us what are its guidelines:

  • 1.- The school yesterday. A brilliant past. History of the School 1912-2012. Illustrious visits. Centenary.
  • 2.- The school today. A living educational center. Current School Description.
  • 3.- The school tomorrow. A future project. Initiative for the creation of the Integrated Energy Education Center. The Association of Parents of Students. The Alumni Association.


A magnificent compilation of the history of Eibar during the last 100 years that will allow us to find images, texts, interviews and articles within the framework of what was, is and should be the School of Armory.

The book will be sold in Eibar in the usual establishments at the price of 30 euros.

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Creative Resistance


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Revised: July 22, 2002